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Cartoon and Caricature
Q The Ascent of Drug-Taking.jpg

Q Magazine . The Ascent and Descent of Man according to Drugs taken.

Fingersigns McDonalds.jpg

The Independent . Chav Fingersigns "Your mother works at MacDonalds"

Fingersigns Loser.jpg

The Independent . Chav Fingersigns "Loser, whatever way you look at it"

Fingersigns Pramface.jpg

The Independent . Chav Fingersigns "Pram Face"

Fingersigns Whatever.jpg

The Independent . Chav Fingersigns "Whatever"

Mad Hatter's Tea Party.jpg

Cutty Sark exhibition . Children's game featuring the 4 main characters from the Mad-Hatter's Tea-Party

Hellboy II Robot and Vituvian Man 72.jpg

Hellboy II Dir. Guillermo del Toro . Da Vinci Robot with Vitruvian Man . commissioned by Abrahams Pants

Le mouton noir.jpg

Black Sheep (with attitude)... commissioned by Sir John Hegarty - image for the wine label for his vineyard.

schoolgirl 03 .jpg

St Trinian's : The Legend of Fritton's Gold . animation drawing of schoolgirl

Sawday Additives.jpg

The Little Food Book, Sawday Publishing . The contents of the contents.

french waiter.jpg

A French Waiter

North Pole_72.jpg

Abrahams Pants . The North Pole . Muppets Most Wanted Movie

Sawday Organophosphates.jpg

The Little Food Book, Sawday Publishing . Beware of eating Organophosphates

Seurat's Boy.jpg

Cross-hatching drawing of boy from Seurat's Le Grande Jatte

EBay Sea Monster.jpg

Word Magazine . Sea monster delivering a computer bought on Ebay...

Sean O'Casey.jpg

Sean O'Casey - digital illustration of Irish playwrite.

schoolgirl 02.jpg

St Trinian's : The Legend of Fritton's Gold . animation drawing of schoolgirl

Sawday Tastes Familiar.jpg

The Little Food Book, Sawday Publishing . Salt and Pepper being ousted by Monosodium Glutamate,

The Little Earth Book.jpg

Sawday Publishing 'The Little Earth Book' 5 cartoons

british waiter.jpg

A British Waiter

Lisbeth Fehr.jpg

Das Magazin, Zürich . Lisabeth Fehr, a Swiss Nationalist politician

Chicken at Equator.jpg

Cutty Sark Exhibition . Chicken crossing the Equator

schoolgirl 01.jpg

St Trinian's : The Legend of Fritton's Gold . animation drawing of schoolgirl

iceberg + penguins 72.jpg

Cutty Sark Exhibition . Iceberg with Penguins

flower girl.jpg

Crabtree and Evelyn - Sloane flower-girl for taxi project (London Fashion Week)

taxi girl.jpg

Crabtree and Evelyn - home-counties female for taxi project (London Fashion Week)

Swiss names.jpg

NZZ Folio, Zürich . Unusual given names to Swiss babies for the year 2012... e.g. seven babies were named "Tarzan"

Ann Widdecombe.jpg

Tory politician, Anne Widdecombe as a blow-up doll - before she went blonde.

William Samurai.jpg

British Airways Highlife Magazine . 2002 World Cup in Japan - illustration of the Scottish Samurai (Thomas Blake Glover 1838 - 1911)

Shoreditch male.jpg

Crabtree and Evelyn - Shorditch male for taxi project (London Fashion Week)

AtoZ Politics.jpg

The Independent . General Election coverage - A to Z of Politics, a politician drawn from letters of the alphabet.

owl with money.jpg

Eastbury Manor, Barking . One of a series of owl caricatures guiding children around the permanent exhibition.

Brandenburg Gate_72.jpg

Abrahams Pants . The Brandenburg Gate . Muppets Most Wanted Movie


The Independent . Fictional characters as children - Renton from 'Trainspotting' over-dosing on Wagon-Wheels...

Funeral Profits.jpg

NZZ Folio . Profits to be made from the Funeral Industry


St Trinian's : The Legend of Fritton's Gold . animation drawing of VW hippy campervan.

Deaf and Dumb names.jpg

NZZ Folio , Zürich. Sign-language to signify celebrities and historical characters.