Gallery III
Various Themes / Broad Thoughts from a Home
Distance No Object.jpg

'Distance No Object' 250x580mm pencil and ink on acrylic . 1980

Antipodal Sculpture.jpg

'Antipodal Sculpture' . 480x760mm . pencil, ink and collage . 1980

Blank Screen.No Sound.jpg

'Blank Screen.No Sound' 620x440mm ink,gouache, pencil, process white . 1987

L'oiseau chanteur rococo.jpg

‘L’oiseau chanteur rococo' (The Rococo Singing Bird’) 250x580mm . pencil, ink and collage . 1983

Three Days Away from Home is where the Heart Is.jpg

'Three Days away from Home is where the Heart is' . pen, watercolour and collage . 1978


'Calculus' 1975 ink . Cleveland International Drawing Biennale 1975

Proportional Presentation 1976 . ink, gouache marker pen, collage.jpg

'Proportional Presentation' . ink, gouache,college . 1976

Reading Between the Lines.jpg

‘Reading Between (and beyond) the Lines’ . 400x580mm ink, collage and stencil . 1974

No Title (museums).jpg

'No title (museums)' . ink, collage . 1974

The Centre of the World.jpg

'The Centre of the World' . ink, process white, collage . 1974

Shanty Drawing.jpg

2 titles: “Marine Symphony No.1” or “Sea Shanty” , viewer decides . ink, collage, process white, cow gum 1976

When your pick a flower...jpg

‘Original Blank Slate*’ 660x480mm (*explanation eventually found on the reverse of the slate) . ink, collage . 1974

Property of the Education Committee.jpg

‘Property of the Education Committee’ . 500x360mm . ink, pencil, process white . 1973

Fireplace construction.jpg

'Broad Thoughts from a Home' I . ink, collage, process white 600x400mm . 1983

Flat-pack Rembrandt.jpg

'Broad Thoughts froma Home' II ink, collage, process white 600x400mm .1983

Peas in a Pod.jpg

'Broad Thoughts from a Home' III ink, watercolour, collage 600x400mm . 1983