Gallery I
Machiavelli / Joyce / Dogs / Accurate Drawing
Pride Fall Syndrome.jpg

“Pride/Fall Syndrome” 620x430mm pen and ink, pencil and watercolour. 2021

All that is Solid Melts into Air.jpg

'All that is Solid Melts into Air' 444x655mm ink, pencil, coloured pencil, watercolour 2021. The Communist Manifesto 1848 . 2021

Machiavelli 00.jpg

'Machiavelli : 45th Presidential Library' 2021 ink, watercolor, pencil

Machiavelli 01.jpg

'Machiavelli' 790 x 500 mm ink, pencil, collage 1979

Machiavelli 02.jpg

'Machiavelli II' 790 x 600 mm ink, pencil, gouache 1979

Royal Blood Dogs.jpg

'The Dogs that Drank the Royal Blood' 420 x 640 pen, pencil, gouache, wax 2020

ULYSSES 1922.jpg

'Sylvia Beach with James Joyce : The publication of 'Ulysses' 1922 . 670x440mm ink, pencil, print, acrylic

James Joyce 1986.jpg

'James Joyce' 1934 portrait by Boris Lipnitzki pen, enamel paint, waterlcolour 300x325 mm 1986

James Joyce twin 1986.jpg

'James Joyce Twin Brother' ink, watercolour 300x325 mm 1986

James Joyce Young Man.jpg

'Portrait of a Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man' . 2020 ink, watercolour, pencil 380 x 385 mm

Accurate Drawing I.jpg

'Accurate Drawing I' acrylic base, pencil, ink 800x600 mm 1982

Accurate Drawing II.jpg

'Accurate Drawing II' . acrylic base, pencil, ink, coloured pencil, gouache, pastel 200 x 600 . 1983

Percy Harrison tree.jpg

Tree drawing - tribute to my grandfather Percy Harrison. In retirement he estimated the volume of wood in a tree and then calculated the number of matchsticks to be made from the tree. 2001

Mongrel Bitch.jpg

'Crossbreed IV' . ink, watercolour 425x600mm 1980

Mongrel with Plant.jpg

'Crossbreed V' . ink, watercolour 425x600mm 1980

Durer's Mongrel.jpg

'Durer's Mongrel' . ink, watercolour 425x600mm 1980

Mongrel VIII.jpg

'Crossbreed VIII' . ink, watercolour 425x600mm . 1980

Mongrel IX.jpg

'Crossbreed IX' . ink, watercolour 495x740mm . 1980

Mongrel X.jpg

'Crossbreed X' . ink, watercolour 425x600mm . 1980

Gallery I